Strategic marketing and sales management according to European standards!

• Market analysis.
• Environmental Analysis- PESTL.
• Competition.
• Mission / vision / values / standards.
• The development of competitive advantage.
• Segmentation, Positioning, Targeting.
• Strategic analysis.
• Product / assortment strategy.
• Pricing strategy.
• Distribution strategy.
• Integrated communications strategy.
• Personnel strategy.
• Procedures.
• Physical environment.
• Purchases.
• Objectives (SMART) and the Action Plan.

Despite 12 years of management experience, this course gave me a lot of new information and brought my existing knowledge into the system.

Tato Makhashvili, „Solostudio“

The program is tailored to exactly the requirements of a top manager. Each topic / module is tailored to the interests of these people

Mamuka Beriashvili, Founder, Director of Ltd.
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