Finance for Top-Managers

This training course is for everyone , who wants to master skills of strategic financial analysis with European standarts.
Who can benefit from these program: Non-Financial Top-managers, General Managers, Commercial Directors, Sales Directors, Marketing Directors, Small and medium-sized enterprises owners.

About this course:

Statements and Calculations:

• VC & FC
• Direct and indirect costs differentiation.
• Cost price.
• Price setting
• Mark-Up
• Gross Margin.
• Contribution margin.
• Break Even (Turnover)
• Break Even (quantitative)
• Profit and loss statement modeling.
• ( IRR)-Internal Rate of Return.
• Pay back period
• Balance.
• Price elasticity.
• Distribution efficiency.

Profitability Ratios:
• (ROE) Return on equity.
• (ROI) Return on Investment.
• (ROA)- Return on assets.
• Assets turnover.
• Margin Turnover.
• Working capital short term.
• Working capital long term.

Solvency/ Liquidity Ratios:

• Solvency ratio-I.
• Solvency ratio- II.
• Current ratio.
• Quick ratio.

• Index
• Rate

Training Time
: 16 hour
Price: 995 GEL
Price includes lunch and two Coffee break